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CSOR on CBC Sept 10, 11:00


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Just caught the end of a report on CBC about CSOR, 11:00 on CBC in Halifax.
All about the training cycle and stand up of the unit as well as their role in the forces.
Some interviews with the troops as they went through their training.
Words like "Kill-Capture" tasks, defined targets, and more.
Also had some "experts" stating that this goes against the Canadian reputation of "Peace Keeper."

Showed the stand-up drop, as well as film of their training exercises in Kamloops and Pet.

From what I caught of the report, very well done.

Anyone else catch it?

Watched it. Very good. They then did a very good interview with Capt Nichola Goddard's father. What an eloquent man.

Apparently they will be fading in and out all day to 911 five years later. I expect we'll be seeing lots on Defense and the CF giving the programming scheduled for today and tomorrow.
I am very proud of all Canadian Armed Forces personnel, and very very happy to now see this special ops unit.  Keep up the good work :salute:
I just saw the last parts of it too, I wonder if there will be a downloadable version posted online.
those so called experts better go out from their offices and see the world has changed from cold war style fighting to irregular urban warfare.  i hate it when they still insist that canada should just be peace keepers, nothing wrong with that but if we, as a nation, are to stand up with our friends and allies and to be seen as a contributor and not as a burden then we must change along with the world or we will be left behind.
If anyone is home today, on the CBC main network they have a 5 minute piece airing every few hours on the all-day 9-11 special. It covers the formation of CSOR, it's potential roles & has interviews with the CO and a few troops. Good clips of footage of some of the training and the FTX in the BC interior earlier this summer.
It was last aired at 1130-ish local here in Calgary. I'm sure it will be on a few more times.
The rest of the episode was pretty...interesting.  I have to say, I'd like to know what some of those conspiracy theorists (a la "Loose Change") are smoking.

The CSOR segment was very well done, and those interviewed did very well.
Strike said:
I have to say, I'd like to know what some of those conspiracy theorists (a la "Loose Change") are smoking.

When the voice of reason is the editor of Popular Mechanics...... ::)
One of my teachers is a P Eng Civil Engineer from UofT who worked on the project to determine how the structures failed.

It all came down the steel heating beyond its elastic limit and contractors not using specified materials.

I don't see much room for a conspiracy.
scoutfinch said:
What did Capt Goddard have to do with CSOR?

Same as Stockwell Day - - nothing. The segments were on Canada and security since 9/11; Goddard, like CSOR, was only one aspect of the program.