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CP Gear M-2010 Split Front MFR-10 - Review?


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    I have been considering purchasing a chest rig for some now, all through pre-deployment training I was using the Cf issued TACVEST, with all it's glaring faults. I spent countless hours on my down time researching different rigs online, and asking my peers about what they have used. I was reluctant to use a chest rig made by CP Gear (I have all sorts of odds and sods from them, but I was leery about using such a critical piece of equipment from them, as there are virtually no reviews that I can find). After reading different posts on the forums here however, I decided to take a leap of faith. CP Gear has really matured as a company over the last few years, and looking at the posts here, they seem to work hand in hand with members of the CF, listening to requests/feedback. Bonus points in my opinion.

Yesterday I purchased an M-2010 Split Front MFR-10, with a number of different pouches:
3x 3/2 Mag Pouch;
2x Party Crasher C13/M-67 Frag Grenade Pouch
1x Small Zippered Utility Pouch
1x Zippered Utility Pouch

I have already ordered an Individual First Aid Kit Pouch as well as an adapter to use with my issued vest. As soon as my rig arrives I will be moving this over.

Has anybody else purchased any of this gear that can provide a review on it? I'm particularly interested in the 3/2 Mag Pouch and of course the rig itself. Once I get my hands on everything I will take pictures and post my own thoughts on it, though it may be a while as I my location does not currently have internet.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to other attachments that they have used, I would appreciate them. I may upgrade the shoulder harness over time, but I will try it as-is first.

Thanks in advance.