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Christmas is coming, post gift ideas here.

briliant one last year! The Poppa In Law, trades man of few words, bought a tool bag that closed and filled it with Canadian Tire Money. Hey bag full of cash any kind will crack a grin on the hardests nuts. and oh for the missus this is a no fail devious plan that makes you a winner. A week before xmas her sunglasses will go missing or have an unfortunate accident. Drop some good coin at the local sunglasses hut, get a great brand name. You are now superman in the livingroom and when she doesn't like the style, exchange after xmas and all the prices are down so now you get your new pair too. but thats only if she's tired of diamond, diamond earrings are best and some jewlers have tree ornament looking boxes so you can hide it right infront of her. Goodluck
And Merry Christmas 
My wife is hard to buy for and never asks for anything. I picked her up one of the Swiss Army Cards, basically a Swiss Army Knife in a small credit card shaped and size square. Its an orginal stocking stufffer I thought.  :salute:
Getting a girl baking stuff is more like gifts from the parents than that special someone.  However, make sure the girl likes 'girly things'. For example, I hate getting bath stuff or chocolate from anyone.

Jewellary is always a good bet.  It doesn't have to be expensive either.  Some of those little stands in the malls have great things for less than $50.

Gift certificates are always good too.....BUT dont let that be the only thing you give her. But some small little things in a box or whatever, and present it that way.

Im a firm believer in that its the thought that counts and not how much you spend, and if youve asked me a million times what I want and get me exactly what I have said.
Chimo said:
My wife is hard to buy for and never asks for anything. I picked her up one of the Swiss Army Cards, basically a Swiss Army Knife in a small credit card shaped and size square. Its an orginal stocking stufffer I thought.   :salute:

Let me know in 3 days how it went over?  I thought she would be more interested in a posting to Edmonton!  ;)


Will do Sapper6. Thanks for your continued support...and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.  :salute:
Just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!! (I didn't want to start a new topic) Hope you all are spending it with loved ones. (speaking of which, I need to be up at 4am to catch my flight to my Mom's!)

Happy Holidays all!!
Mike_R23A said:
Now you're talking my language! Maybe a sliding compound mitre saw?? 10" blade... If more women wanted power tools our lives would be so much easier!  ;D

Thats where I'm lucky My Wife loves Power tools Woodworking is her hobby, and any thing from uncle Mike's vast police line.
For my wife it's a hard decision on what to get her each year.  Since we're moving into a new place in two days, I figure stuff for the house is always a good thing and she does like it.  However, I'm a fan of gifts for Christmas that aren't exactly practical but that people love and want for the sake of just enjoying them.  I think a shopping trip or a night away is what I'm leaning towards for her, but again, always a hard choice.
For the wife I'm leaninng towards that 12/24 volt electric trolling motor she really wants.  Yes, the one that fits nicely on the bow of my boat.  She will be so surprised when she unwraps it, can't wait.!!!!

Well, as a girl I can say :

-I would rather a man buy me a gift certificate somewhere rather than buy me clothes.
-I don't mind if the person buys me perfume, as long as they sort of know what I like to wear, and if it's my boyfriend then what smell he likes  :nod:
-I really don't want any cooking stuff unless I ask for it or cooking is my passion.

I would suggest though, if she likes scrapbooking, painting, or any other hobby, maybe buying her a gift relating to that would be a good idea ? :) Just make sure you ask someone who knows what they're talking about what to get  ;D
Hmm... I do wood-working, paintball in my spare time (when I can afford it...), horseback riding (ditto), fishing, sailing. Nothing girly, so I'm not much help... Maybe a gift card to the local mall? I know some malls do that, they're good at all the stores... or a timmies card!