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Chile Wants The Standard missile 2SM-2BlockIIIA Ship Killers


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I use to have some respect for Navyrecognition.com, but now I have my doubts.

Taking a picture from pinterest ??? At least make a minimum effort to check them: That is NOT an ex-Adelaide class frigate that is pictured, it is an Ex-Karel Doorman. Adelaide class look identical to Oliver-Hazard-Perry frigates - hard to miss. That means the hull number has been doctored. It should be either a 15 or an 18, not an eleven.

Moreover, they should know better than to call an SM-2 Block III a "ship killer". It is an anti-air missile, which can also used with much less effectiveness, against surface targets - if you don't have anything better. And the Ex-Adelaide do have something better: they carry Harpoon missiles.