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Challenging the New Veterans Charter


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Lawyers at the national law firm Miller Thomson believe there is a strong case for challenging the constitutional validity of veterans’ disability settlements under the 2006 New Veterans Charter (NVC). The suit is based on veterans’ constitutional right to protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Sections 7 and 15).

"This may be the beginning of a nation-wide call to action for veteran’s rights," said Donald Sorochan, QC and Senior Partner in the firms Vancouver practice. Miller Thomson will provide pro bono legal representation in order to achieve fair and equitable compensation for ill and injured CF members and veterans.

The Equitas Disabled Soldiers Funding Society (Equitas), through fundraising efforts, will provide legal disbursement funds to support the challenge on behalf of disabled soldiers as they await a proper and equal disability compensation program.

If you are a CF member or a veteran who has made a disability claim under the New Veterans Charter, please visit the Equitas site to learn more.

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Miller Thomson (firm's website) http://www.millerthomson.com/en/home