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CDN/US Covid-related political discussion

Apparently PSAC os on board with this mandatory vaccination edict.
I'm not surprised. After dealing with PSAC union leadership on various issues during my career, I consider them the special needs marxists of the PS union environment. Definitely at least 20 IQ points lower than the PIPSC leadership. But the PSAC boys and girls should take heed. Their membership is a lot less willing to fall in step with government edicts, if only out of general principle. Ask me how I know.
Ouch, kinda hits hard at the old "anti-vaxxers are right-wing crazies" meme circulating through the media and internet:

Typical 'vaccine hesitant' person is a 42-year-old Ontario woman who votes Liberal: Abacus polling - Macleans.ca

Huge difference between vaccine hesitant (might get it - needs more time or persuasion) and anti-vaxxers (no way, no how!).

"The hesitant are not conspiracy theorists. They aren’t angry at the world. They don’t think COVID-19 is a hoax. They aren’t radicals of the left or the right"

Edit: I'm reading the article now and thinking you might have only read the headline:

"Forty percent of refusers don’t trust doctors, while only 17 percent of the hesitant feel that way. Most Canadians don’t trust Donald Trump or Fox News, but the more they do, the more likely they are to avoid getting vaccinated. Among the fully vaxxed, 11 percent trust Fox and Trump compared to 28 percent among the hesitant and 40% among the refusers."

So the hesitant are "liberal" and the refusers are "Trump and Fox fans". Now, what was that about right-winged anti-vaxxers?
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Sadly, people lump hesitant people with actual anti-vax people. It's been the narrative since Day 1 that they all must be hard right religious fanatics since everyone is so desperate to make this vaccine political.

Yes, I read the whole thing. Only 28% of people who are hesitant "Trust Trump", which is a biased poll option since he's made numerous statements about people should get the vaccine. So it's odd you'd cherry pick that instead of the 15 or so other significantly more prevalent poll options.
There's tons of clips of Democrats encouraging people not to trust Operation War Speeds results, including the current POTUS and VP, because Trump was behind it. Let's not pretend both sides weren't saying dumb crap.

It's super weird though that a President would be against the product of his hallmark project to make a vaccine in under a year... almost like broad brush painting his supporters as anti-vax was just a narrative.
PSAC's latest finessing of the narrative ...
This week, national political party leaders have made concerning statements about disciplining or terminating federal public service workers who choose not to be vaccinated as part of the government’s vaccine mandate proposal.

PSAC supports vaccination requirements for federal workers to ensure the safety of our members in their workplaces, and to protect our communities, but using discipline and termination to enforce them is unacceptable ...

Liberal candidate apologizes for calling early vaccine takers 'entitled' guinea pigs​

A Liberal candidate in Calgary has apologized for tweets in which she used a profanity in reference to the people of Alberta, and also described those who rushed to receive the COVID-19 vaccine as "entitled" and "guinea pigs."

Jessica Dale-Walker is running in the federal election for the Liberals for Calgary Nose Hill. Last November — on her personal Twitter account — Dale-Walker compared people willing to take the newly developed COVID-19 vaccines to lab animals.

"I chose to allow the entitled to flock for the vaccine like they demanded to be the guinea pigs, that way should there be problems those with brains were left behind," Dale-Walker tweeted in November 2020.

At least she's being honest about her views.
And now Alberta is reversing course on its plan to end all restrictions and anti COVID measures.

Alberta didn't "reverse course". Alberta hit the pause button and remained status quo while monitoring the situation. Which is exactly what Hinshaw said they would do if the situation changed. Context.
Meh. For the Liberals that’s an ‘also-ran’ riding. Michelle Rempel has it on lock for the CPC. This is probably the first and last we’ll ever hear of Ms. Dale-Walker.
Alberta didn't "reverse course". Alberta hit the pause button and remained status quo while monitoring the situation. Which is exactly what Hinshaw said they would do if the situation changed. Context.
Alberta didn't "reverse course". Alberta hit the pause button and remained status quo while monitoring the situation. Which is exactly what Hinshaw said they would do if the situation changed. Context.
Sure. Fully support the move.
Add another “anti-vaxxer until it’s too late” to the list of those having mortal regrets;

Vaccine skeptic U.S. talk radio host dies of coron.avirus at age 61
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) -- A conservative talk radio host from Tennessee who had been a vaccine skeptic until he was hospitalized from COVID-19 has died. He was 61.

Nashville radio station SuperTalk 99.7 WTN confirmed Phil Valentine's death in a tweet Saturday…

B.C. to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for non-essential activities​

A B.C. vaccine card will be required for entrance to non-essential activities including concerts, sports, arts and cultural events and restaurants starting in September.

“This is a step we believe is important at this point in the pandemic,” Premier John Horgan said Monday. Vaccination is our way out of the pandemic, he said.

The B.C. vaccine card has a target “roll-out” start date of Sept. 13. Starting then, you will need at least one dose of vaccine to attend non-essential indoor events and enter certain businesses. By Oct. 24, entrance will require two doses, and the second dose must have been given at least a week prior, as the vaccine takes time to reach full effectiveness.

The program is temporary and will be reassessed in January.

People will be able to download of vaccination to a mobile phone or device. There will be options for people without mobile devices but details have not been revealed.

Proof of vaccination will be needed to enter a wide range of events, including indoor and ticketed sporting events, indoor concerts, theatres, symphony events, indoor and patio dining, and businesses like restaurants, nightclubs, casinos, fitness centres and gyms.

It will also be required for organized indoor events like weddings or parties, conferences and workshops.

The vaccination card does not apply to essential services such as grocery stores, pharmacies and retail stores, or to faith-based groups.

Children age 11 and under are not yet eligible for COVID-19 vaccines and will be allowed into indoor events.

About 776,000 people eligible for a COVID-19 vaccination have not yet received one, said B.C. Health Minister Adrian Dix. There are opportunities across the province to access vaccinations, he said, including walk-in clinics.

Some of the province’s largest industries wrote the province and provincial health officer on Aug. 18 asking for a proof-of-vaccination program for large indoor events such as sporting events, conventions and concerts, and for large restaurants and bars.

Ian Tostenson, president and CEO of the B.C. Restaurant and Food Services Association, said the industry looks forward to working with the government on implementation of the progam.

“We support the B.C. vaccine card to increase confidence in attending, concerts, sporting events, restaurants, bars, gyms, indoor events, etc.,” Tostenson said Monday.

Provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said the risk of acquiring COVID-19 is more than 10 times higher for a person who hasn't been vaccinated.