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Career/General Advice for AVS


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I'll be joining the CANADIAN military this month as a Avionics Technician. My initial contract is for 5 years. My ideal plan is to be assigned to a base that would allowed me to work on helicopters and/or airplanes, I'd rather not work on aircrafts with no civilian equivalent if possible (such as fighter jets).

The specific aircrafts I'm looking to work on are the Griffon helicopter (CH-146/BELL412 Civilian equivalent, this would be my first choice) and the Hercules airplane (C-130, this would be my second choice).

Also to my knowledge, the military has a lot of contractors for the aircrafts so that means certain bases require a lot less technical work. I'm going to try and pursue a base with a focus on heavy maintenance or line maintenance as I think it would give me the best opportunity to actually learn hands on and do the job properly.

I'd like to know the thoughts, opinions and advice in regards to this plan I currently have. Is there anything I should keep in mind that I'm missing ? Pros and cons of doing heavy maintenance vs line maintenance ? Pros and cons of pursuing helicopter specialty vs aircraft specialty ? Bases/squadrons I should be aware of if I am interested in heavy maintenance/line maintenance ?

Disclaimer; my plan is a very ideal situation. I fully understand that I will be appointed to where I am most required to fit the needs of the CAF. I have joined agreeing to and accepting any possible outcomes for the best interest of the country and the CAF. However, I still would like to plan and receive advice just in case any of my preferences are able to be accounted for.

Thank you,