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CANFORGEN 040/19 - Patches and T-shirts


Collar rank? They seem to be trying to get closer to this effect...

Swooning Star Trek GIF by MOODMAN
The ex-ALSEO in me is grinding my teeth at the polyester content of the CANEX shirt...
BGA -100/FOM etc states "shall adhere to the dual layer principle", not "shall adhere to the effective dual layer principle..."
It would have been nice to get blue Drifire shirts/long-johns. The tan shirts were great - nice and light but long-sleeved.

Although, I've always wondered why when they changed the t-shirts from green to blue, they also changed the long johns to blue? Why would the colour of long-johns matter? :unsure:
Because then, at a glance, anyone could tell who was really wearing their long johns? Make them both blue...

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