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CanArmaGroup-Canadian MilSim Group being established- need your help.


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Hello all,

Having served in the Canadian Infantry for 23 years, before retiring in 2003, I am always searching for that soldiering experience through the use of various computer games that simulate warfare. The closest program out there, available off the shelf, that allows me to experience soldiering again is Arma and now Arma2.

After various tries at being part of an established gaming group I have decided to start my own based on Canadian equipment and tactics. You are probably saying "Whatever, there are hundreds of groups out there already using Arma including several Canadian oriented ones." and you would be right. However, after looking into many of them and joining some of them I quickly realized that many canĀ  be put into one of three different categories:

1. MilSim hardcore - these groups are into the actual role playing of a military unit. They actually name their groups things like 72 MEU, 41 Mtn. Div., etc. And in fact you cannot tell if their websites are actual real life units or not. They tend to have a military hieracrchy and do things like court marshalls and such. I had enough of that for 23 years. Don't want it in my civvy life thanks anyway. I also noticed that they have plenty of members on paper but very few actually are active.

2. Ramboville - These are the majority of groups and public servers. They are simply interested in running around killing everything that moves so they can brag about how many kills they got. Funny thing is they don't say how many times they got themselves or their buddies killed doing it.

3. Organized Communities -These groups are some of the most appealing to me because they emphasize teamwork and tactics. They tend to be a close knit community of players from all ages and places. Many have served in the real military but for the most part have not. I belong to a very good one and will continue to do so; however, the missions they do tend to be a little gimmicky and geared towards gaming fun. In most cases the missionsĀ  are not that applicable in terms of actual military doctrine and procedures and have little, if any, battle procedure/mission planning beforehand.

My goal for CanArmaGroup (CAG) is to establish a mature Arma/Arma2 MilSim group that emphasizes the type of community found in type 3 above but with the added element of combat battle procedure. The missions conducted will be typical of the modern battlefield in real life. The type of person that I hope to attract enjoy the gaming/soldiering part of the actual mission but also the planning that goes into ensuring success. I don't like dying when I play and I would like to be involved with like minded people. Hopefully, current military or retired persons would become involved but also non military folks who are wiling to learn are more than welcome. You do not have to be Canadian but just know we are using Canadian gear and such.

Currently, CAG is in the planning/development stages. I have the dedicated IP, hosting sight, etc. in place and am currently building a kickass gaming server that will support up to 60 players at one time. I want to take the time to properly get this group up and running as opposed to doing it overnight. Longevity of the group is paramount.

As it stands right now I am the only member. I would like to put out the invitation to anyone who feels they can contribute in any way. Particularly, anyone who can dedicate the time to help administer and set up the group would be appreciated. If you are good at designing websites, building missions using Arma/Arma2, scripting, or simply want to be involved from the ground up then I am looking for you. There is absolutely no cost involved to the members except for the purchase of the actual game, computer, etc.

If you contact me I will send you a more in depth document of scope.

Hope to hear from you,