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Canadians in Burma, WW2

Just finished having breakfast ( or rather breakfast last week) with one of the 10 surviving members of the Burma Star  Association. Very nice "outspoken gentleman" who helped me with some research earlier in the year. No email but I think he would relish a call from someone interested in the Burma Star.
An interesting thread. There must be more than 10 Burma Star veterans left in Canada.  My father, S/L  J.A.  Crouch, CD (ret) was awarded the Burma Star. He was unknown to any of the associations in Canada before his death last week at 92.  He was a life long member of the association in the UK. He served in the RCAF, but was seconded to the RAF, firstly to 217 Sqdn Coastal Command which was sent to the eastern theatre in 1941, and later to 3rd Tactical Air Force Communications Flight .  He was the only Canadian in either of these units. In early 1945, the RCAF  caught up with him and ordered him home.

There must have been others with similar experiences, although Time does march on.
Liberated POWs at Rangoon jail, 3 May 1945. Major McLeod, a Canadian doctor who served with the Indian Medical Service, inspects one of his patients, Corporal J Usher, whose leg he had to amputate during their captivity.