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Canadian War Plane Heritage Museum, Hamiliton Ontario.


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For anyone in the area, just a FYI that next weekend will be some fun kid's activities. They're having a big "Kid's Fest" with inflatable items for the Family Day weekend Feb. 16-18

We went again this Saturday, our son had a great time. Definitely go check it out! (Btw, fantastic set-up, 2010Newbie. All the best for a long and happy future together!)


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A company in NZ has just finished a Mossie. It was commisioned by a private buyer and is one it's way to the US. The company has all of the tool and dyes and is working on a second plane. I doubt the CWM has the resources for this undertaking.
In the last few years it has had to sell it's Corsair to keep afloat. The Bolingbroke restoration has been going on forever and I suspect it's not due to lack of parts, but lack of funds. they have the intention to have it airworthy, but there is an enormous amount of testing and certification to be done. All of this costs big money. it's essentially building a new plane from scratch.