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Canadian Parachute Regiment

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Can anyone help me please.

I,m trying to find out what Canadian Regiment was stationed
at West Down Camp, Tilshead, Wiltshire, UK. In September 1951.

Any help would be very much appreciated



Based on the title of your thread, I checked a history of Canadian airborne forces and during that month, September of 1951, I could not find any reference to any Canadian troops in the UK.

I also checked a history on Canada's Army in NATO and came up with nothing.  The first troops didn't leave for Europe until October of 1951, and they sailed directly to Rotterdam.  The Canadian Army did not have a Base organization in Britain.

Are you sure of your dates?  What leads you to believe they were parachute troops?  Were they based there or on a short term visit / training exercise?  Do you know the corps of the troops involved (armour, infantry, engineers etc)?  What kind of camp was West Down?  Who in the British Army was stationed there?

Any clues you provide would help in finding an answer.


the Canadians did have have jump troops around that time. I recently talked to several of the original PPCLI Airborne Regiment circa 1949 Exercise Eagle, 1950 Sweet Brier..... I will ask them in the next couple of days about England. Or you can pm me and I can supply a contact number for them. Sorry no Internet due to age. Adding to Dan's comments more information would help particularly if they were not jumpers.

I do not know about the other English speaking regiment  ;) but they did have some airborne qualified types around that time too apparently.

something maybe in the early Routine Orders but not in the history.
Chris... you might inquire through your own UK MoD.  The camps in Wiltshire were, after all, the property of HMs Government.  They may have the info you  are looking for in their archives.  An access to information request may get you what you are looking for.