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Canada's tanks

Acquiring Abrams is the best choice replacement on all levels, financial, logistics etc. except for that turbine which kinda requires its own unique logistics trail.
However, I fear it will go to the dreaded 10yr bidding process and candidates such as the K2 Black Panther or KF51 Panther will lead the selections. (Maybe changing the name to SepV3 Lion would help? 🙄 )
One of two things they issue an UOR for the replacement or they set up an tank replacement office.

My bets on a replacement program office and new tanks in 15 years. If at all. Well I think no tanks is the odds on winner.
I hope whatever platform they decide on.. it's a timely replacement. One in hand is better than 2 in the bush....
I bet we upgrade our tanks slowly to something more than the A6M over the next decade. We start with the current A6M as its faster to upgrade and slowly work through the fleet a squadron at a time.

Eventually by 2030ish we buy a few Leo2s from someone like the Norwegians who will have replaced their fleet wholesale with new build A7s in 2026.

By 2035 we should have a single type MBT fleet of 82 tanks.