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Cadillacs-Another Sea King Story


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I'm so angry I could spit!

Okay - it's not exactly an army problem at present, but it's the underlying mentality and lack of respect for the Canadian Armed Forces which infuriates me.

"Somebody" said we don't need "Cadillacs", and followed through on a lousy campaign promise to cancel the EH 101 helicopters.

Now, another Sea King has crashed (but luckily all of the aircrew survived, this time).  And, last week the U.S. Coast Guard had to give a ride to some of our SAR Techs when not one but TWO Labs weren't airworthy.

SSSHHHH ... whatever you do - don't tell the Prime Minister that our combat boots are nicknamed "Two Stroke Black Cadillacs", or else we'll end up wearing cheap running shoes ...

Dileas Gu Brath
Mark Bossi, Esquire
Mister Bossi (esquire);

That is an excellent idea for a cost cutting measure, and since we already issue out state of the art combat sneakers, we should probably just go ahead and withdraw the issue of combat boots immediately. I‘m pleased to announce that with the money we just saved, I have created a new colonel‘s position at NDHQ; Dr. Scholl of the CFMS will now be Inspector General, Feet.

I don‘t bother checking these things with the Prime Minister, incidentally, because his interest in the military has flagged ever since since that embarrassing incident with the kevlar helmet.

Blame it on Colonette though. Isn‘t that de rigeur - blaming your predecessors? Well, it worked for Boyle.


The Minister

To add insult to injury, Mel Lastman (Mayor of Toronto) will show more pomp and ceremony to the Gaypride Parade which was held yesterday in hogtown, compared to the solemn respect that should be given to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier or Remembrance Day. Before you know it, Gay Pride Day will be a sanctioned National Holiday before Remembrance Day. To top it off, Mel Lastman is Jewish. Makes you wonder if he values what Canadian troops did to help his people in WW II. We didn‘t spend the last fifty years killing Nazis and Commies just so Rupaul would get more respect and press coverage than the CF. Oh and by the way, DND would probably save a lot more money by NOT performing sex change operations. They might want to spend the money on well needed items like new helicopters, fighter jets, tanks (not wheeled SWAT vehicles), an aircraft carrier (let‘s by one from the Brits), and new C7‘s (the plastic rifles made by Mattel are showing stress cracks on some of the rifles; OH GOODY!!!!!). Ooops, I forgot, Jane Stewart‘s ministry is the beneficiary of defence cuts. All those Aqua Velva addicts on Yonge St. are the fine recipients of my hard earned tax dollars (kids under 17 on welfare who aren‘t accountable to anyone because the Young Offenders Act covers their butts really well).

-the patriot-