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C4 Gas Mask

According to everything I've ever been taught on the subject, it's effective.
I realize I've only used my mask a few times on IAP but when i did use it, it was for 45 minutes on a sunny day in St-Jean, in the summer. For those of you who have experienced that, you know it's bloody hot. Anyways, as long as the nose cup is fitted properly, you shouldn't have a problem with fogging, I know I didn't. But man, the amount you swear wearing those... but I digress, not a bad mask. I still wear mine when going for runs once in a while.
Late answer, but everyone saying that properly fitted mask won't fog are right. I instructed NBC classes and conducted numerous gas chamber exercises. The reason a mask would fog is part of your breath is coming out of the nose cup inside the mask instead of fully exiting the mask through the exit valve. The nose cup must be properly fitted on your face to avoid fogging.
in response to the fog issue, try the defogger spray you get for ski goggles. Or you could always try the saving method... You know when you need to shave but the mirror is misted up? if you put shaving cream on the mirror and whipe off eith a dry cloth it wont steam up, same should work for goggles....

But I'd stick to defogger spray :)