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Brisbane, Australia


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Now that the posting message is out, I can finally say that I'm moving down under to Brisbane (RAAF Amberley) for a posting working with UAVs.  Has anyone been there and can recommend stuff to do/places to see/where to live?  I've got a bit of info already but more info can't hurt.

PS:  CDN Aviator, I know you'll want to rant.  Don't even start  ;)


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Good to hear you'll be down under!  If I am lucky, I might see you in January.


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Congrats Dimsum, enjoy the posting.
I just came back from a biz trip/vacation in Brisbane. I very much enjoyed the city. It's not a tourist hot spot like Sydney or Cairns but lots to see. I didn't see all the city, stayed fairly central around the CBD, Kangaroo Point, Milton etc. so I know that I likely missed some good stuff. You'll be posted near Ipswich, and I didn't go that way any further then Fig Tree Pocket so can't advise.

Good transit. Great climate overall - Think Miami or Acapulco - but they had bad luck this year with the river flooding.

Fortitude Valley is a club district just outside of the central business district and was the only place I was advised to watch myself after hours when the drunks pile out on the street. Otherwise, quite safe.

Aussies have legal gambling and brothels, if one is interested in such things. Driving on the left is freaky stuff, it's easy to get confused and turn into the wrong lane or some darn thing. This can make you instantly unpopular. Trust me on that.

Sunset and sunrise was surprisingly early. By 6 it was dark, and this was last month which is their late spring.

Everyone in the city seems to run or bike along the river. I saw very few chunky folks in Brisbane.

They like Americans and will think you are one. When you say you are Canadian, they'll like you even more. Quite a few seem to really be fascinated by Canada.

Housing prices there are low for an Australian city, but I don't know how that translates to rentals.
Food shopping is more expensive there. Dining out prices way higher then Canada unless you eat at McDonalds a lot. Lots of good restaurants around the CBD, especially at the Eagle Street Pier. I highly recommend the burgers at Grill'd.

Great Barrier Reef starts just north of Brisbane, I did three days diving on the outer reef up in the tropics at Cairns. Highly recommended.

Jet lag going there not too bad. Coming back...brutal.

Enjoy your time down under!


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Been there myself.

I loved their ferry bus that you can take up and down the river. Brisbane is a hotbed for techies and the central point for the Aussie game industry. It makes for some trendy spots in certain places downtown.

Head down to Byron Bay on the Gold Coast at some point. Great swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Also, lots of great scenery one the beach. :) Lots of hippy types in the area, but lots of fun little pubs to check out and bands playing.