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Books -Regimental Histories for sale


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Still downsizing
still have some good books yet to sell
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Regimental Histories
• The Patricias. The Proud History of a Fighting Regiment (ISBN: 0773732985 / 0-7737-3298-5) Bercuson, David J.  $35 
• Once a Patricia - Memoirs of a Junior Infantry Officer in World War II (ISBN: 0920277195 / 0-920277-19-5) Frost, C. Sydney $50 
• Battalion of Heroes, the Calgary Highlanders in World War II
Bercuson, David Book  $45
• The Royal Rifles of Canada in Hong Kong by Royal Rifles of Canada -Association of Canada, Quebec - Maritime Branch, 1980. Cloth. $100
• The Queen's Own Rifles of Canada 1860-1960; One Hundred Years of Canada Barnard, W.T. $80
• RCHA - Right of the Line; An Anecdotal History of the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery From 1871 (ISBN: 0969088116 / 0-9690881-1-6)
Mitchell, G.D. (With B.A. Reid & . Simcock.) $60
• The Regimental History of the Governor General's Foot Guards
Governor General's Foot Guards Book : First edition  Ottawa. 1948.Softcover $90.
• Ducimus: The Regiments of the Canadian Infantry (ISBN: 0969642105 / 0-9696421-0-5) Mitchell, Michael Book Description: Canadian Infantry Heritage Foundation/Fondation du Patrimoine du l'Infanteric Canadienne, Ottawa, 1996. Soft Cover. $100
• 100 Years. The Royal Canadian Regiment 1883-1983
Ken Bell and C.P. Stacey - Collier MacMillan Canada, Ltd, Don Mills ON, 1983. Oblong, 184 pp., photographs. Cover VG $50