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Bomb explosion kills at least 19 people in Bangkok, Thailand- Aug. 2015


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It's been at least 2 days since this happened- surprised it hasn't been posted here yet. Perhaps Islamic extremists from Thailand's southern provinces (which are predominantly Muslim and near Malaysia) are behind this?

Yahoo News

Live: Explosion rocks central Bangkok, killing 12, police say

Huge explosion outside shrine in Bangkok’s commercial centre

TheJournal.ie - Huge explosion outside shrine in Bangkok’s commercial centre

A motorcycle bomb rocked central Bangkok on Monday, killing at least 12 people and wounding more than a dozen others, officials say. The blast occurred near a popular Hindu shrine in the Thai capital. Follow Yahoo News' live blog below for updates from the scene of the blasts.


Right at the heart of the city's commercial centre.

Bangkok Post

16 killed, 80 hurt as bomb blast rocks Bangkok tourist attraction
17 Aug 2015 at 22:00


A bomb explosion inside one of Bangkok’s most popular tourist attractions killed 16 people and approximately 80 others – mostly foreign tourists – injured Monday. A improvised explosive device fastened...

The death toll rises to 19:


Bomb in Thai capital kills 19, wounds scores in bid 'to destroy economy'
Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:09pm EDT

By Amy Sawitta Lefevre and Andrew R.C. Marshall

BANGKOK (Reuters) - A bomb planted at one of the Thai capital's most renowned shrines on Monday killed 19 people, including three foreign tourists, and wounded scores in an attack the government called a bid to destroy the economy.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast at the Erawan shrine at a major city-center intersection. Thai forces are fighting a low-level Muslim insurgency in the predominantly Buddhist country's south, but those rebels have rarely launched attacks outside their heartland.



They have a person of interest on CCTV. 
Bangkok bombing: Thai police release video of potential suspect
In the grainy security video, a man in a yellow shirt sits on a bench at the crowded Erawan Shrine, removes a backpack he is wearing, and leaves it behind when he walks away.

For police hunting who was responsible for Monday's deadly bombing in central Bangkok, there was no doubt about the man with youthful shaggy dark hair and glasses.

"The yellow shirt guy is not just the suspect. He is the bomber," police spokesman Lt. Gen. Prawut Thavornsiri told The Associated Press on Tuesday.



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The mastermind of the bombing has been caught? To think there would be sympathizers in Bangladesh for Islamic separatists in Thailand's southern provinces.


Bangkok bombing mastermind believed to have flown to Beijing from Bangladesh

Thai police now believe that the suspected planner of last month's deadly bombing in Bangkok flew to Bangladesh immediately before the blasts and then two weeks later traveled on to Beijing.
Police suspect that Abu Dustar Abulrahman, also known as Izan, gave orders to other conspirators to carry out the attack. Reuters reports that Bangladeshi officers checked the man's immigration information and confirmed that he flew into Bangladesh on August 16th and then departed to Beijing on August 30th.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the August 17th attack on a shrine in Bangkok, which killed 14 foreign tourists, including seven from mainland China and Hong Kong. This is just the latest development for Thai authorities who have released a complex web of speculatory and contradictory information about the bombing.
The suspected bomber, captured on grainy CCTV footage abandoning a backpack at the Ratchaprasong intersection around 20 minutes before the explosion went off, has yet to be apprehended with police now expanding their search further south into Malaysia. The Bangkok Post reports Malaysian police said earlier today that they have arrested two suspects.