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Blackhawk RAPTOR X3 Pack


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 Blackhawk RAPTOR X3 in black.

$150 plus shipping OBO

EMT is king PM with email for pics

Details:BLACKHAWK!® X3 R.A.P.T.O.R. PACKThis X-3 Ranger Assault Pack Tactical Operations Ruck has it all! The X-3 R.A.P.T.O.R. is the latest in Free Fall and Static Line Jumpable Packs that BlackHawk offers. This pack is just simply put, "All Around BAD" *Includes the 100oz HydraStorm Hydration System with the all new Intercooler Ventilation System (IVS) Back Panel, which helps to provide better moisture evaporation and enhance the overall pack support and performance. Inside the Main Compartment there are three securing cinch straps two horizontally and one centered verticality. Drain holes are provided for each compartment for easy and quick drainage for maximum efficiency during Maritime Operations.** X-3 R.A.P.T.O.R Features:
1. Equipped with a 100 oz HydraStorm™ Hydration System with Insulated Tube Cover and Delta Bite Valve.
2. IVS (Innercooler Venting System) Back panel.*
• 3. Built in Jump Harness with Heavy Duty parachute webbing.*•
4. Built in Drop Line Pouch and Routing System.*•
5. Fully Openable Main Compartment.*
• 6. New Combo Jump Harness and Top Grab Handle Design.*•
7. Silent Zipper Pulls.*•
8. Upgrade Heavy Duty # 10 YKK Zippers*•
9. BTS attachment webbing on outside of pack for modular gear attachment.

Add ANY Blackhawk pouches!*• Heavy Duty 1000D Nytaneon®,*• All seams Quad-stitched and Trim Taped Edges.• Patented! # 6,085,947 <*Average Dimensions:*• Main Compartment: 23.5"H X 13.5"W X 9"D• Front Pocket: 20"H X 10.5"W X 3.5"D• Right Side Pocket: 15"H X 4"W X 2"D• Upper Left Side Pocket: 8.5"H X 4"W X 2"D• Lower Left Side Pocket: 6.5"H X 4"W X 2"D• Overall Cubic Inch Capacity: 3,830*Shipping Weight: 6.81 lb / 3.09 kgDescriptionManu. Part NumberNSNMSRPOur PriceACU Digital CamoBH34199--$299.99BlackBH34103--$299.99OliveBH34102--$299.99