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Black Adam Movie


Army.ca Fixture
Reaction score
Went and saw the movie this movie.

As a comic book nerd and fan of the JSA and Dr.Fate in particular this movie has a lot of eye candy. Character development is bit weak, story is so so and disjointed, and the villain is meh but…

CGI is really good
soundtrack is awesome
Wall to wall action
No real woke messaging, just entertainment
End credit scene is good but irrelevant to the actual movie
Black Adam kills a lot of people

Hawkman and Dr Fate are the stand out characters and would really to see more of them.

The story really talks about the lines heroes need or should need to cross and presents a good contrast.

If you want a fun action movie then you’ll probably like it. It won’t win any Oscars. Critics apparently hate it but audience scores are high so that should tell you something.