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Artillery in the 70's - A Flashback Video


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Attached is a link to a training video produced to show the organization and operations of the close support medium artillery regiment under the Corps 86 concept.

With the exception of the RPV (remotely piloted vehicle) and the rocket battery and to an extent the counter mortar radars, the video is a pretty good representation of how we did our business back in the day.

The RPVs were trialled but never adapted. The MLRS's were never adopted and were more notional than anything else. Counter mortar radars existed but not at the regimental level.

The only regiment with four batteries was 1 RCHA with A, B, and C batteries permanently in Germany and with Z Bty's equipment prepositioned in Germany with a maintenance element while the rest of the battery's personnel came as fly-over troops from 3 RCHA in Shilo. 2 and 3 RCHA and 5 RALC were established at two gun batteries each.

I still passionately hate the folks that scrapped the M109s.  :clubinhand:




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Interesting range of small arms and support weapons. Clearly an army that was transitioning to what should have been better days.
Crazy that the Iltis looked old and worn out even in the mid 80's.