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Are promotions required in the Calendar year or in the Fiscal Year?


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Like the title says, are promotions required in the Calendar year or in the Fiscal Year?

I have been bypassed on the merit list. I know my promotion message is now out for maintop, but as I am on PATA (less than 120 days) until mid December there is talk of delaying my promotion until January and then "back dating it".

I ask as I was always under the impression that if a member was bypassed on the merit list, then they had to be promoted by EOM December that year.
My message was good until 31 March, pending TCat removal. I cleared everything beginning of March, went on compassionate leave (didn't take PATA) for a month and was promoted when I got back. It was back dated with seniority and pay to the previous APS when I was supposed to be promoted.
I had a similar situation when I was due to be promoted to PO2.

I was on PATA from April '13- Jan '14.  I was promoted in March, during a end ex smoker ;) with booze and kareokee, and it was backdated to 1 Dec '13.  So that gave me some back pay and seniority in rank begining at 1 Jan '13.

Just as a side note, for that years PER I recieved a exempt at the rank of PO2.

Ok, so it must be fiscal year then.

Yeah I won't see a PER exemption as I was only on PATA for 70 days. I'll likely get a Killick PER as a MS
Nuggs said:
Ok, so it must be fiscal year then.

Yeah I won't see a PER exemption as I was only on PATA for 70 days. I'll likely get a Killick PER as a MS

My understanding of CFPAS is that is should be administered a signed in your current rank.  Meaning if you are new MS they cant give you a PER as a LS.  I could be wrong, but I will look through the CFPAS help file.

Ref:  Using CFPAS Help File, Chapt 1, Sect 108, Para 2:

2.  Promotions that occur after 31 March with an effective date before 1 April do not factor into the PER (Example: A PO2/Sgt promoted to PO1/WO 1 June with an effective date of 1 March would receive a PO2/Sgt PER).
I believe the promotion date is the calender year but the presentation can happen later as in Puckchaser case - promotion was Dec but presented later.

A fun point for you - senority of MS is determined by promotion date to LS as it is an appointment not a promotion. Had fun with that when a co-worker got his leaf prior to me and tried the senority game until I sent him the policy while calling him junior.

I got MS in the month of March and they had to redo my PER as a MS.
IIRC, if you are bypassed on the merit list, you 'shall' be promoted eff 01 Dec of that year.  I believe I read that in the 2015 CM Brief PP just last week.
My last promotion happened in December, but the seniority date is Jan of that year for purposes of the next promotion (ie about 11 months earlier).

Always have understood promotion is in calendar year. Why the PERs run on fiscal year, I have no idea.  Guessing it's a practical purpose with how long it takes to do the promotion boards and post people into new positions the following summer at the new rank.
1. If you are bypassed on the merit list, you SHALL be promoted NLT 1 Dec of that same year, even if the actual ceremony occurs after 1 Dec (as was what happened in my case).  This is the date that you will get money from, even if back pay is necessary (as was the case for me).  This is your "effective date".  Of course, you still must meet all of the conditions that are noted in the promotion message and have the final concurrence of your CO.

2. Your seniority date (for all ranks, but remember that MS/MCpl is not a rank, but an appointment) is effective back to 1 January of the same year.  I would go with the info that another poster gave you about MS and seniority.  Really, this only affects you "enter promotion zone" for the next rank.  All of this info will appear on your MPRR.

3. Another poster asked why the difference between fiscal dates for PERs and calendar dates for promotions and the reason given were all valid.  It's not to mess with people, but to allow for easier administration (PERs, postings, planning purposes, etc).
Reviving an old one; I'm without DVPNI at the moment.

What policy is the one that speaks to "if you are bypassed on the promotion/merit list, you shall be promoted on Dec 1st of that year".

Is it a MILPERSCOM Instr? CFAO? I couldn't find a Promotion/Career policy DAOD.
Copy....49-4 IIRC. tks!

* so the same policy doesn't exist for Officers or something similar?
Officers policy is in the CFAO for officer career policy, and is different (as I recall).

DGMC is working on a new consolidated promotion policy...

12. The policy and procedures governing merit boards are contained in

Annex C. Merit boards will be convened annually at NDHQ to determine a

merit list position for all MOC qualified officers eligible for

consideration as follows:

a. those in a promotion zone;

b. those who will enter a promotion zone during the promotion year

concerned; and

c. those recommended for accelerated promotion.

13. Based on the annual promotion quotas, those eligible officers whose

merit list position, as determined by the appropriate merit board for that

year, places them within that quota may be promoted any time during the

promotion year (1 Jan -31 Dec) as required to meet Service needs. The

Service needs may dictate that the promotion quota not be filled in a

specific year or years to regulate promotion flow or to meet other Service

10. The military requirement, referred to in subparagraph 4f(2), is the

number of officers required at each rank level, in each MOC, to fill the

Canadian Forces (CF) establishment. The military requirement also dictates

that each establishment position be filled with personnel with the

appropriate skill and knowledge. To satisfy the military requirement it

may be necessary to promote members out of sequence to the annual merit

list. When an out of sequence promotion occurs, the bypassed member will

normally be promoted in that year. Approval of an out of sequence

promotion that will result in the bypassed member not being promoted until

the next calendar year is deemed to be an exceptional event which requires

the personal approval of the CDS.
Hopefully those two help. Now whether they have been since amplified in a CANFORGEN who knows?
I did find this while searching here for CFAO 49-4: