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any truth to this quote?


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Don't know if the movie was a re-do, but here's what a very left-of-centre writer has to say via a very left-of-centre outlet ...
... Nous étions invincibles, a book by former JTF2 soldier Denis Morisset, describes his mission to the Colombian jungle to rescue NGO and church workers “because FARC guerillas threatened the peace in the region.” The Canadian soldiers were unaware that they were transporting the son of a Colombian leader, which prompted the FARC to give chase for a couple days. On two different occasions, the Canadian forces came under fire from FARC guerrillas. Two Canadian soldiers were injured in the firefight, and immediately after the operation, one of the wounded soldiers left the army with post-traumatic stress disorder. Ultimately, the Canadians were saved by US helicopters, as the JTF2 mission was part of a US initiative ...
Assuming, of course, that the book wasn't just made up.

Caveat lector ...
Tears' of the Sun......something something researching...lost me when on Monica Bellucci.... :) :):)

Plus the not safe for work pics.....