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Any activity with MFNAB??


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I was just wondering if anyone might have any enlightenment as to what is going on with the Military Family National Advisory Board (MFNAB). I have checked their website  at http://www.mfnab.forces.gc.ca/engraph/home_e.asp
and the latest stuff on there is from November 04. I, and others, have tried to email the cochair using the address on the website and it has bounced back.

Has MFNAB been dissolved? If so, why haven't the spouses been notified. MFNAB was set up by DND to act as an advocacy voice for spouses and family...what, if anything, has been set up in its place?

I did a search here and there is only one thread mentioning MFNAB and that is announcing the new website which is actually null and void now (that post was from 2002).

Any info would be great,