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Another rig! Coyote brown HSGI WASATCH


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Another rig up for grabs!  Used by a guy for pre-deployment training only, that’s it, this rig has not been overseas and is still in great condition.  No Afghan dust, velcro is like new. Someone has given it a light dusting of camo sprayed threw a laundry bag.  Quality rig with room for lots of mags and gucci kit.

Everything is Coyote brown.

HSGI WASATCH, standard size (large, 10 x 12 and smaller) features:
6 - Full size internal pouches to carry up to 2 M4 mags per pouch and are lined with loop velcro.
2 - Smaller internal pouches in the outermost "wings" are smaller to fit either 1 mag or smaller gear such as radios or Smoke Grenades and are lined with loop velcro.
Magazines are retained via bungee retention with pull tab. Velcro Flap Retention is available on request. (This rig has this feature)
On the body side of the "wings" there are small mesh pockets to carry addition gear.
Loop Velco is sewn on the top front and rear of the carrier for attaching velcro backed patches, ID's, and Insignias.
Located on the front bib near the top is an admin panel for maps, paperwork, and other flat items.
The Wasatch was designed to be worn over soft body armor. The front panel alone measures 25" not counting the buckles.

**This rig has the upgraded velcro mag retention!

Also included:

x2 HSGI C9 style pouches (AKA SAW pouch, since this is American made)
x1 Blackhawk triple mag shingle
x1 CP Gear lobster dump pouch




Needs a new home.  $175 + shipping!  Local pickup possible if your in Ottawa.