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An Xmas gift idea with a difference


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Good morning,

After waking up to all the black Friday carnage, thought this may be appropriate.

Like a lot of people, think I happen to be pretty fortunate and don't really want anything for xmas.  But have gotten a few flyers in the mail and decided that this year, if someone is looking for something for me, that i would prefer a charitable donation be made on my behalf.  We also decided to do the same for a few other people, like my 102 year old Gma in law, who was involved in the polio vaccination campaign in the 20s, so we are 'getting her' a vaccine pack this year.

There are lots of options if you are looking for something; it's stuff like vaccines, bug nets, clean water, farm animals, etc.  Just really basic things that a lot of people are unfortunately lacking.  For my five year old, we will be making a few different 'gifts' for her for other kids to be able to go to school along with her normal xmas stuff, to try and help her understand that we really are very lucky to live here in canada.

Plan Canada does their gifts of hope;

UNICEF does their survival gifts;

I'm sure there are others as well, but those are the two that I know of.

You could also make a donation to wounded warrior or any other charity on their behalf as well.

Just food for thought.  If you like the idea, feel free to pass it along on facebook or wherever.  Some things are available for less then the cost of a lunch, so they are pretty reasonable and can genuinely make someone's life better.

Merry Christmas! :cheers: