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Alberta Residents Bill 201

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It's time for Bill 201

A private member's bill that will be introduced this spring by Calgary-Buffalo MLA Kent Hehr, the Traffic Safety (Seizure of Vehicles Containing Illegally Held Firearms) Act would give police a new tool in the fight against gangs and gun crime in Alberta. Bill 201 would allow a police officer to seize and sell the vehicles of anyone carrying around illegal firearms in their cars - the proceeds from the sale of these cars would then go to the victims of crime.

While this proposed bill won't stop gangs by itself, it's another tool to hit organized criminal elements where it hurts: their pocketbooks.

An important piece of proposed legislation, Bill 201 won't pass without your help.

On-line petition at :http://www.bill201.com/
Here's a question that was never answered in any of my Military Knowledge classes: At what point are CF members allowed/ not allowed to sign petitions? Municipally? Provincially? I'm assuming Federally would be a big no-no.