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Airborne Jumpers



The Brotherhood Nominal Roll consists of all jumpers of the Canadian Armed Forces. This is not a club or an association. It does not cost a cent. You will find that there are all types of men and women that have jumped from perfectly good aircraft. (Army-Navy-Airforce) From the Second World War to present day. If you would like your name included on the Nominal Roll, advise. Info required is city, phone number and the jump units served with. Just a few of the units are listed below;

1 Can Para

Para Rescue

Search and Rescue

FSSF (Devil's Brigade)

Cdn AB Regt

Jump CoCompany's

Jump Battalions



Airborne School - CABC â “ CFPMD - CJATC

Airborne Qualified

Canadian Airborne Brotherhood

The Nominal Roll is for contacting purposes and as news outlet to keep you informed of what is happening. ie; Military news, reunions etc. This comes from your Rep's or you as individuals. The Roll consists of every jumper from the Second World War to the present.

The Last Post â “ In memory of those not fallen but have taken their last jump.

For more info you can contact me at:   Cdn.Ab.Brotherhood@sympatico.ca