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Air Nav postings....and other random questions


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Polaris - posted to Trenton - only fly on it when it tanks the fighters.  You sit in the back somewhere and run the math of fueling.

Alpha Jet - "Squadron" is located in Ottawa - the planes are not.  You fly commercial airlines to meet the jets where-ever they are and then strap in.  You help the pilot with your mission on missile profiles, target towing and other EW secret stuff.

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Thanks for the info Zoomie. By any chance would you know how many Alpha Jets are in the fleet? And is the contract with Top Aces long term now? Because I noticed that the Forces.ca site has a new and improved ACSO video and it includes the Alpha Jet posting in there, so I was wondering if there will actually be postings there in the long run (5-10 years down the road), or if it may just be a recruiting technique?  ;) Either way it definitely caught my attention...