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Ahoy! Calling all UNTD/ROUTP/NROC's Out there.


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In 1923, with a fledgling RCN under threat of disappearing, Admiral Walter Hose elected to park most of the fleet alongside and use the funds to create a network of Naval Reserve Divisons and Half-divisions across the country to keep the Navy in the public's eyes. It provided the main framework for WWII expansion and has provided Canada with value for money ever since.

In 2023, the Naval Reserve of Canada will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. On this occasion, the Association that regroups all past naval reserve officers (UNTD Association) is organizing a four days event/conference in Victoria, from May 9 to 12, 2023, for all past graduates of the various officers training plans, be they UNTD's, ROUTP's, NROC's or others.

So whether you graduated from one of those programs and left right after, had long or short NR careers, or even went Reg Force (we know you are out there, Admirals Donaldson, Gardam, Bennett, Comodore Davidson, Captain Biron, and many others - all commissioned as reserve officers first) you are all invited to come and join us in Victoria.

For more info, visit Home - UNTD Association of Canada and follow the News and Events link. See you there.

Lcdr Pierre-Yves Trudel, NROC '79