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After BMQ and SQ!


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Well guys i wanna know about the vehicle situation that goes on out there cause obviously we'd have more then enough for a car or motorcycle just wondering if they have rules because a lot of us young drivers want to buy our first vechicles.. lol Thnx
Come on people I know that some of you whether it being yourself or your bestfriends have been in this situtation, so any comment would help me out thank you.
you can own a vehicle after SQ and BMQ if thats what your asking......
I think he may be loosely referring to that post in another thread where someone said that they knew a guy who bought a car on his SQ course, and the course WO took his keys for the remainder. I could be wrong but I think he's concerned about something like this, but whether he means after training and when you're a regular member or when on your QL3, I don't know..
yea thats pretty much what i was referring to man thanx for reminding me, and how often are you able to go out after work when ur postedd??