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Hi there!

1st post here for me ;)
Also, as a portuguese/french/now also canadian, my english is not perfect so dont judge the quality of the text please ;)

So, After a careful consideration I have changed my application from Artillery Officer to Air Combat Systems Officer.

Being a woman and having a very good score at the CAFT, I believe that if I pass Trenton, I will have a good chance to get one of the 8 places available this year ;)

So my question is for those who took the selection tests in Trenton. I read the preparatory document and I have already started to practice but the tests that 'stress' me out are those related to eye-hand-foot coordination.
I've never played video games in my life and I think my skills in this area are very low...

Other than finding someone who can lend me a Playstation, do you have any tips that would help me improve?

And for the trenton tests in general, do you have any tips to share?

Thank you very much and have a nice day! :)

Sarah VM
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Well first off, best of luck!

There are some internet hand-eye tests that you can roughly gauge your ability within, however I find sometimes the feedback from mouse to website delay can hinder perfect feedback.

As someone who has been in sports my entire life, I would recommend getting your hands on a reaction ball if you can (they're a little smaller than the size of a typical baseball, and look deformed like an atom). Not only are they good with improving reaction time (try catching it, or kicking it after a bounce back from a wall or when dropped at your feet) but it's also a fun little game. On top of this, simple reaction clicking games/apps when you tap the screen as soon as it changes can be a good judge of ability. Can't say I have experience in the Trenton tests tho, but have a fun time!