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A "The Queen's" Battery

A and B Batteries were authorized on 20 October 1871. For the last year the Regiment of Artillery has been celebrating its 150th birthday (because in true Canadian Army fashion we ignore the fact that numerous Militia batteries predate A and B Batteries by many decades).

From October 4th to October 22nd of last year, 1 RCHA and the RCA Band formed the Queen's Guard at Buckingham Palace and Windsor Palace.


Allowing the Queen to connect with many members of the Regiment:


I have no idea where the actual idea for the title came from but my guess is that there have been discussions back and forth over the last year that led to this honour.

Are those mess dress ranks?
Are those mess dress ranks?
They look to be larger than the mess dress ranks. The Army SM a few years back authorized corps/regiments to develop No. 1 Dress. I imagine the RRCA were able to take the initiative for mounting the Queen's Guard to produce a version according to their traditions. Looks sharp as hell compared to the 1970s lounge suit that no one likes to wear on parade.
Yup. Far, far from RSM qualified but to my undereducated eye that looks like the RCHA No 1C Patrol Dress.

I also note that the RCA Kit Shop sells separate rank badges for "Mess Kits" (which appear to have a black backing) and "Rank Badges - Red Backing" (which appear to be the ones worn on Patrol Dress).