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3rd AT Regt RCA (3rd CDN Inf Div - 1944)

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In relation to a new PC game which has recently come out called "Combat Mission", I‘m currently looking for informarion on the 3rd Anti-tank Regiment RCA.
The game offers the ability to play the war (D-Day to 1945) as the Canadians as well as a host of others. It comes with a very easy to use editor which allows you to make your own scenarios.
I‘m looking at making some scenarios or operations June 7th 1944 to Falaise.
What I need to know, is which batteries were part of this regiment, and what kinds of Guns were they armed with (i.e. - 6 and 17 Pounders?, any thing else?, how much of each?)
I would much appreciate any information anyone has on any of this stuff.
Thanks and Ubique!


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Source: Gunners of Canada Vol II, Appendix C
Consisted of the 4th, 52nd, 94th and 105th Anti-Tank Btys armed w/ 17 pdrs (18 SP & 18 towed - sorry no breakdown by bty)info as of 8 May 45 (I suspect the landed with the same type weapons on D-Day)

Michael Dorosh

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From BATTERY FLASHES by Falconer

4th Battery - A and B troops (towed) landed June 7, C troop (SP) landed in support of 9 Bde on 6 June (see below)

52nd Battery - two towed troops and a troop of 105 Battery (6 pounders) landed on 6 June in support 0f 8 Bde

94th Battery - landed on D-Day in support of 7 Bde (towed troops)

105th Battery - see above for towed guns gung - other troop of towed guns landed on 6 June in support of 8 Bde

4, 52, 94 Battery SP troops had M-10s - these troops were grouped under 105th Battery on D-Day and landed on 6 June in support of 9 Bde. This arrangement carried on until the end of June, when the troops went back to their respective batteries.