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177701 - Inaugural Flight


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Tail number 177701 made it's first flight from the Boeing plant at Long Beach, California today.
The aircraft took off at 1000 hrs PST, 9 Aug 2007.

It was in "perfect" condition ...... still is actually.  ;D

More here ..........


I wish I could be there in Abbotsford.  You guys are going to be the highlight of the show I'm sure!  I can't believe I'm a actually saying this to a trash hauler, but I'm actually jealous!
"Boeing again has made good on our commitment to provide world-class airlift capability to our customer in world-record time," said Dave Bowman, Boeing program vice president, before the gathering of senior Canadian officials and more than 1,000 C-17 employees. "This is yet another great day for Boeing and demonstrates our ability to design, build, deliver and support the world's most advanced airlifter."

Correct me if I'm wrong but, the only reason we have received CC-177 number 1 in world record time is that this plane was supposed to have the Kangaroo roundel - until a side deal was struck with PM Howard.

Thank you Australia!


Hope you're enjoy the maiden voyage, life in A3 Tpt has been less than cheery with all the last minute C17 issues (amongst other things). :crybaby:

See ya on the 'rfang next week.

I'm sure that flight is an awe-inspiring sight to behold.  I regret that I can't see it.

Have a good time, Globesmasher - you deserve it.

So y'all couldn't swing by Charleston on the way over and let the poor AVN & AVS techs on Cadre 2 an opportunity to touch, kiss, lick or worship our new baby?  Tsk tsk  ;D  It's good to see that Canada One is a Canadian now, and look forward to working aboard her.  We hope to see lots of pictures as this group of Aircraft Medics are hungry for all that is CC-177.  So have they provided the hats or shirts yet?  Boeing has to through in some free hats.  LOL

Have a great unveiling, and welcome home Canada One...
the silence from the Media on Canada getting it's first jet powered strategic transport aircraft is deafening. Yep no agenda on the media's part to ignore good news! :rage:
B7 of the Vancouver Sun.

"this is the first time it has been seen in Canada"

No mention that it's the CF's first C17, and the US has had one at Abbottsford for years.

More ignorance from Canada's reporters.   :-\

Letter sent to the author.


Edit to add link.
Safe travels - PM'ing with something (hopefully) of interest....

Gee, the MSM ignoring a positive development connected with the Canadian gov't?  How unlike them!  ::)

Canada's New Government Welcomes Arrival of First C-17 Aircraft
ABBOTSFORD, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Aug. 11, 2007) - The Honourable Gordon O'Connor, Minister of National Defence, today joined the Honourable Josee Verner, Minister of International Cooperation, and Lieutenant-General Angus Watt, Chief of the Air Staff at the Abbotsford International Airshow to welcome the arrival of Canada's first C-17 Globemaster III strategic lift aircraft.

"Canada's New Government has long recognized the importance of acquiring our own strategic airlift aircrafts to allow us to quickly deploy equipment, supplies or passengers when and where needed around world, and without having to rely on our allies or contractors," said Minister O'Connor. "Our first C-17 will soon be used for operations in support of humanitarian relief, disasters including floods or forest fires, or to a theatre of operations. Canada's New Government is proud to be fulfilling our commitment with its arrival."

The strategic airlift capacity of the C-17 will ensure the Canadian Forces can quickly move heavy equipment, supplies or passengers over long distances, when and where needed in Canada or overseas.

More at link.
I saw the Global TV coverage of the event with featured Tara Neslon exclaiming that after the break we would see the Canadian Forces newest toy. The cost of the aircraft was highlighted, along wiht Ujall Dosingh (sp) who claimed it was a white elephant that would not be in service until after we left Afghanistan. The broadcast then claimed that the program took funds that otherwise would have allowed us to field tactical transports and helicopters that would avoid suicide bombers and IEDs.

Talk about twisting facts. It is either sloppy or deliberately misleading journalism. Check your local schedule.
All the fine journalism going on....  Here CTV has listed an American C130J picture as being our new C17....

Think after all this time someone would get their facts in order.

Heres the link:

I was there on the ground for its maiden flight to BC, and it's unveiling and its flypast. It was a beautiful plane to see and behold. I loved every second of it. Beautiful, breathtaking and just down right FREAKING awesome!  ;D
I am very disappointed with the media. I watched  CTV, CBC, Global, and all I got was pictures of the aircraft sitting on the ramp  or flying by in the circuit. O'Connor was filmed speaking from a prepared text over the sound of aircraft noise and wind. The  only person who spoke to the exciting new capability Canada has just acquired was a few sentences from Lt.Gen. Watt.  We had a brief clip of Ujjal Dosanjh with a smug smile making some meaningless smart remark. Oh and let's not forget reporters hollering at O'Connor about being shuffled in Cabinet.
What I wanted was some individual who could speak knowledgeably about what this aircraft can do,
"The strategic airlift capacity of the C-17 will ensure the Canadian Forces can quickly move heavy equipment, supplies or passengers over long distances, when and where needed in Canada or overseas." DND news release.

I did hear Globesmasher use the word "paradigm." :)
To bad the media hadn't allowed the Major to speak about the plane and what it can do!

I too am starved for all things Canada One.  Along with several of my colleagues here in Charleston we will make up 18 more technicians scheduled to work on our new fleet.  Our course has prompted us to miss all the great events in this process.  The standing up of our Squadron, and the delivery of our first aircraft.  We were counting on the news to cover it so we may feel the excitement.  Checking CTVNEWS.CA last night at 19h30 was a big disappointment, as they are focusing on the costs of the entire project, and had a picture of a US J-MODEL Herc standing in as a C-17.  The picture has since been replaced, however their story now focuses on how much more this is costing, besides the 4 new planes.  Come on!  Trenton was well due for a face lift, and I am sure that the Project Management Office realized all these costs well before signing the first contract.  Once again the firewords display was nothing more then a birthday candle.
Okayyyyyyy...,  just watched CTV noon time news with reporting by David Atkin from the ramp in Trenton with the CC-177 in the background. Now this is what an informed reporter sounds like. Keep watching CTV news and I am sure they will replay the clip. David will also be doing a tour of the aircraft and I believe he said the media were getting a short hope in the aircraft this afternoon.

Now that's what I'm talking about.  ;D

Edited to add link:

Baden  Guy said:
I did hear Globesmasher use the word "paradigm." :)
To bad the media hadn't allowed the Major to speak about the plane and what it can do!

Oh, I'm sure they let the good Major speak his piece about the plane and what it can do, they just chose not to INCLUDE it in the story!  MSM strikes again....