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17 Nov 2015: Bomb threats against Air France flights coming to America


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Could just be people being jittery in the aftermath of Friday's attacks. Have to wait to see if there is anything more.

Air France flight from Washington to Paris diverted to Halifax

Plane lands safely at Halifax Stanfield International Airport just before 11 p.m. AT


Air France Flight 055, which was on its way to Paris from Washington, D.C., has been diverted to Halifax.

Peter Spurway, spokesman for Halifax Stanfield International Airport, said the Boeing 777 landed safely.

There were 298 passengers and crew members on the plane, Spurway said.

He said the passengers and crew members are exiting the plane and they're being taken to "a secure area in the airport terminal."

Spurway said the main runway has been closed, but a secondary runway is open so the airport is fully operational.

Meanwhile, another Air France flight en route to Paris from Los Angeles was diverted to Salt Lake City, according to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration.

More to come