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150 Days....


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I've played AOps for 150 days in a row.

I have to say, I don't know of the last game I played that consecutively...

You've got me addicted.

Excellent! If I can ever get a block of free time, I still have big plans for the game, to help keep you going for the next 150. ;)
One thing I have noted is that the number of new missions that have been unlocked lately (past 5-10 promotions) is rather sparse....I've got Kabul available, but only 3 missions there....when does the Kabul HVM open up??  What rank?

193 or so, I did a HVT and it opened up somewhere in the 3 levels it gave me around 192.
The missions do slow down as you progress... initially it's one per rank, but as you move up sometimes you get promoted without a new mission.

BTW I just did a quick check and only 9 players have stuck with it for 150+ consecutive days.
I'm not even included, went on ex for a week and the internet at home crashed (was keeping myself logged into the game). Lost the streak at 116 days.
I'm at 168.  Figured I could breathe and not worrying about missing a day after I hit 180, but who knows what tricks Mike has up his sleeves!

Sorry to hear about your loss PC.  Have you started rebuilding your time?
It was more for bragging rights, as the AtD bonus would mean nothing for me now other than to get an incentive. I'm back up to 16 days, hopefully once I get a smartphone I won't have to worry anymore.  ;D
This is exactly why I don't play. I need to keep what little bit of a life I still have.