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100 Summits Complete: No Goal is Impossible


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Now at 280 summits and climbing, and still remembering....

I climbed 100 summits last year. Mountain type summits. Some were big. Some were small. Some I climbed during a punishing winter backcountry ski mountaineering adventure, others on the way back from grabbing some groceries. Why? The 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge was April 9th, 2017. My two grandfathers served in the Canadian Expeditionary Force during WW1 as infantrymen, and both were present on the Vimy Ridge battlefield; a fact about which I am unashamedly proud.

I therefore decided to reach 100 summits during the Vimy Centennial Year to recognize their contribution to this most famous ‘uphill battle’ in Canadian history. Concurrently, and more selfishly, I also hoped to increase my fitness levels in line with my passion for mountaineering.

I did it mostly alone, which sounds lonely but really wasn’t as I felt that I was being cheered on by a host of supporters, virtual, and otherwise. But the fact that I was going solo most of the time amazed some. This got me thinking about goals, and motivation, and what I could learn and share about this experience in a way that others could benefit.

Here are five things I learned about goals from my 100 summit year: