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“I wish to go to an Army base.”: Make-A-Wish Foundation


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Saw this today in my twitter feed, thought I would share.


The sound carries far in the cold air … the buzz of eight tires, the rumble of a 350-horsepower engine. The Stryker armored vehicle finally comes to a stop.

The hatch opens. The commander’s head pops out. His smile lights up the dreary winter day.

This is 6-year-old Justin. He’s a Make-A-Wish® kid. He was diagnosed with cancer. And now he’s an honorary lieutenant in the 56th Stryker Brigade Combat Team.

Personnel at the South Mountain Readiness Center made Justin one of their own for a day. They had an Army National Guard uniform waiting. They put him into the Stryker – put his helmet on – told him to take command.

He even took the wheel.

Then it was lunchtime. The soldiers showed Justin how they dine in the field. He and his family learned how to prepare MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) packages.

As Justin’s Army experience came to a close, his new friends had something for him: a basket of gifts wrapped in a camouflage blanket. Now he’ll always have a reminder of the day his wish came true.



Hope he beats the odds and shares the gifts with his grandkids.