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    Can a Reservist Switch to ROTP?

    I have a question concerning switching from reservist to ROTP I'm a college student currently studying Building Engineering Technologies, set to graduate in June 2025 and I've applied to join the reserve forces as an Infanteer in January 2024, so I can work part-time while studying and work for...
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    Shortest full-time training commitment for P-Res

    Hey there, looking to join the reserves. I am very driven to serve in the armed forces and am open to different possibilities in how I serve, however, I have a reliable though busy work schedule and will have to be very intentional in allocating unpaid time off to do BMQ and then trade training...
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    Reserves - Occupational experience and full-time opportunities

    Hello. I'm planning on joining the reserves and I'm hoping to get some feedback to help me choose an occupation to apply for. I've talked to a few recruiters (there are army, air, and navy units in my area). There seem to be a lot of occupations available at the moment that the recruiters said...