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air force

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    Men at age of 45 joining the army

    Dear folks, I'm 45 now, wondering if it is too old to join the air force/navy/army? would that be higher chance to apply for reservist instead fo full time? I'm most interested in the air force, do you think it is hardly being able to get recruit at this age even being a reservist? thx!
  2. L

    How often do ACSO or Pilot deploy and how long? Is everyone in the military required to do a tour?

    I applied to both these positions and I was just wondering how long these roles spend time away from home, and how often are they deployed? Just want to give my partner an idea on how much time we will be apart in the future (besides training). I also heard about "tours", from my understanding...
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    Air Factor appeal

    Hi everyone, I recently went to CFEME for a pilot medical and the ophthalmologist found a problem that disqualified me for all aircrew trades. I have seen optometrists all my life and none of them has ever brought this issue to my attention. I went to an optometrist to get a referral to a...
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    Air Force Pilot?

    I applied to become an RCAF pilot under ROTP and am still waiting for a response. However, I was curious if anyone could help me determine what aircraft I want to fly. What aircraft is the most hands on (least amount of auto pilot)? Which aircraft is the most versatile in terms of its...