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  1. Luke93

    Trade transfer between Combat arms trades

    Thanks so much for the help. The thing is now I'm afraid of rescinding my acceptance for one but I'm also afraid I'll be waiting another year or two or more after waiting so long already especially since now I would need to continue hunting for a short term job. I have already accepted my...
  2. Luke93

    The "I do not know what it means to NOT post when told NOT TO" Thread

    Hey man, There is absolutely nothing to be afraid of, it's a big decision for sure but not one to be so nervous about at least not yet. You can, if they aren't busy, call just with questions but you're certainly better off to go in maybe make an appointment if you're close enough. They'll give...
  3. Luke93

    All things beardy-2005 to 2018 (merged)

    I don't know about the eyebrow style in discussion. But it's not such a strange question, I know much more recently about 3-5 yrs back it was popular to shave lines at the eyebrow corners. I'd say something like that would be considered "faddish", wouldn't it?
  4. Luke93

    Trade transfer between Combat arms trades

    First off; I apologize if I'm saturating the boards. I know there's allot of trade transfer posts already, but they don't seem to be quite answering my question or I'm just not understanding. I was hoping I could help broaden the questions for my sake and anybody else having the issue. My...