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    JTFA air wing orders of dress

    I think the large numbers of obese CF personnel look worse than those in different uniform combos.
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    the new way the Taliban will fight

    A few questions for the author before addressing this article that's rife with errors. Have you been to Afghanistan? If you have been, in what capacity? Post-2002 have YOU actually seen a Chechnyan in theatre? Iraqi? Bosnian? This does not include rumours from someone in another platoon or...
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    The Asymmetric Warfare Group

    Why would it need civilian police advisors? Of course they are linked into the US training system, the guys in AWG are IN the military or recently seperated from it... AWG advises and embeds with conventional units in theatre, not just in training.
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    Afghan mayor slams Canadian corruption

    We should be getting away from contracted projects unless absolutely necessary ie. use of heavy equipment. Cash for work directly to the Afghan on the ground is the most effective way of mitigating corruption (it will still happen). Problems like Afghans stealing the lights as soon as they are...
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    Could WW2 military growth be repeated today?

    We'll also need to factor in  a nine month workup period for our troops once they've been trades trained. Hopefully the enemy has the courtesy to give us a warning order at least two years prior to any major offensives.
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    Canada finances TV cop show in Afghanistan

    The difference is you don't watch "Due South", then on your way to work the next day see Mounties shaking down people at checkpoints, smoking crack in the ditch outside their Detachment, and sleeping under their pickup trucks on duty. A TV show alone won't change the public image of the chaos...
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    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    *Sarcasm on* So now that we are committed to a training mission we can expect to be expanding our Pashtu and Dari language schools within the CF?
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    U.A.E. slaps visas on Canadians

    Except everyone going to/from Afghanistan on leave. There is also a huge expat community in UAE with thousands of Canadian citizens. Dubai is a hub for Middle East/Asia travel so many Canadians stay over night in the hotels or transit from one Terminal to another.
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    All things beardy-2005 to 2018 (merged)

    Can we compromise on shaving as long as we can wear shorts?  :P
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    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    Come out of the woodwork? They are openly operating shadow government at every level, including most districts.
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    All things beardy-2005 to 2018 (merged)

    He has a medical chit not to shave, yet is being made to for "operational reasons" So what operational reason is there in Afghanistan to negate his no shave chit?
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    All things beardy-2005 to 2018 (merged)

    So what is the CBRN threat in Afghanistan? Why is this such an issue?
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    Afghanistan: Why we should be there (or not), how to conduct the mission (or not) & when to leave

    If this is "winning", I'd hate to see what losing looks like.
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    Afghan Interpreters, Others Fast-tracking to Canada

    This is not entirely true. We actually had nine years to train soldiers to speak Pashtu/Dari. We were lazy and chose to rely on local national interpreters rather than developing our own language capability to augment them.
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    Petraeus - Re-visiting NATO ROE in Afghanistan

    We are leaving. The enemy's power and influence grow by the day. I don't know how you can honestly put a positive spin on that and declare it something other than a loss. The Taliban are not an international terrorist organization*. Pashtu farmers aren't going to be piloting planes into...
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    Re-enter the Battle Rifle?

    Most of newer AR stocks have a locking mechanism to avoid being accidentally collapsed. The LMT SOPMOD does not, so I put some rubber bands around the stock and lever to keep extra tension on it.
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    Discussion on the C6 Machine Gun

    The Rhodesians and SAs hauled MAG58s at the section level. Mind you they weren't encumbered with soft armour and plates. Would be nice to have some Mk48s or Lightweight M240Bs in the armoury for the section to draw for dismounted patrolling. The Russians were onto something with the PKM...
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    Re-enter the Battle Rifle?

    Good to have you on here Tuukka! Coming back over anytime soon?
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    Red Cross in Afghanistan gives Taliban first aid help

    They are Canada's enemy, not the INTERNATIONAL Red Cross' enemy. ICRC is not on one side or the other.
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    C7 weapon drills

    What are being described by some posters as "advanced" skills are just more effective ones. Attend any 2 day basic carbine course from a variety of reputable trainers in the US and you will find that they can take a layman from never handling a weapon to these "advanced" drills in that time...