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    Broken service and CD

    Hello all, I was going through my MPRR the other day and since getting back into the reserves my CD time has been reset. My old service is on my MPRR- all the varying classes and dates. I looked into the award and it says service doesn't have to be continuous- so is that an error? I'm not in...
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    Winter and nomex flight gloves.

    I recently completed a wilderness survival course and one of the things I concluded was that having a set of thin nomes flight gloves around went a long way to taking the sting off manipulating the coals of a dying fire or any other fine manipulations I had to do. I wore them almost the entire...
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    DWAN access CAFJOD

    Hello all, It's summer and I'm having a hard time getting ahold of someone who can answer this question at the unit. I'm trying to enrol in my CAFJOD courses and I need an outlook email address and that means intranet access. How do I go about getting that set up? Do we have a phone number for...
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    2013/2014 CAP dates

    Hello all, I've been asking around my unit without definitive answer- is anyone here aware of any CAP dates this fall/winter?
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    Reading List

    Hey folks- I'm all done everything and Im waiting for my offer for an officer position in the Artillery. Since I've got some freetime- Im looking for information on reading lists for new officers. I've located a few: http://www.history.army.mil/html/reference/reading_list/list1.html...
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    Supporting Docs

    For the BMAS program I need both a Military Personal Record Résumé (MPRR) and a CF 1007 Record of Reserve Service. I just contacted my old units who sent me to the garrison switchboard who put me through to the pay clerks who couldnt tell me how to get the documents. I went through the forum and...
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    HMCS ATHABASKAN crew info

    Hey all, Im wondering if someone might know a way to get in touch with anyone that was aboard the Athabaskan on 04/24/44- my wifes uncle was and he was taken prisoner after the sinking. He is getting on in years and the family is concerned...well...they are just looking at possibly putting him...
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    Applicant question- redundancy warning.

    First a little back ground, I left the reserves against my will. At the time the RCMP forced us to hang up our reserve hats so I did so as I was required to. My goal being to join the marine section in the RCMP to satisfy the adventure I craved. Now, after training I was "selected" to be sent to...
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    Mohawk Warriors to get military apology- CBC

    http://www.cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story/2010/12/20/mohawk-military-apology.html Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/montreal/story/2010/12/20/mohawk-military-apology.html#ixzz18my3ViIu :o Does anyone know any more about this? I would think it would be prudent to have plans in place for a...
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    Reserve Artillery questions on DP1 course timetable length

    First of all, thank you for taking a look in my thread- I did a few searches on the topic, and perused the recruitment website. I then attempted to contact the unit close to my residence in an effort to avoid bugging you folks. I am interested in exploring the idea of returning to the CF...
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    Hello Folks, First post ]-just introducing myself Ill be hanging out on the law enforcement side of things. I've got ten years in law enforcement (almost) working in Alberta, Nunavut, and Saskatchewan. I'm an ex-military guy from a few years back having completed my B/E. I'll try and stay in my...