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    PTSD treatment centers

    Hey all. Had a few hospitalizations for using too much drugs with my PTSD. Ended up in a scary psych ward a few times at my absolute rock bottom. As I climb back from it (without addictions now thankfully) I'm wondering if there are any good treatment centers or programs anyone has used that was...
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    PTSD: Staffofficer's opinion

    Hey guys seen this today and found it slightly disturbing. Does this not read to you guys like a current serving staff officer is amazed someone is having issues with something he did not? To me it seems like a dig at the young guy who did have problems. I can't help but wonder what would happen...
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    Medal identification

    Looking to identify the medal next to the golden Jubilee  medal. Searched the DDHR site to no avail. Wondering if someone here knows what it is. thanks in advance.
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    Embattled managers at Veterans Affairs received almost $700k in bonuses last yea

    We can't get a pension anymore....but bonus's all around. VAC, Government of Canada, from the bottom of my heart thank you for your support. Content removed in accordance with site owner's direction Milnet.ca Staff
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    Class Action Suit against NVC & "Govt has no obligation to soldiers"

    http://www.globaltvedmonton.com/exclusive+injured+canadian+soldiers+suing+ottawa+over+benefits/6442638939/story.html Maj you have my utmost respect. :salute: A group of injured Canadian soldiers is launching a class-action lawsuit against the federal government over services and benefits for...
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    Canoe on Cargo van

    Ladies and gents I am heading off to a meeting this week and it appears we will be having a ton of downtime for a couple days during this mess meeting. I've seriously been asking about bringing my canoe to find nil answers. Others are packing their golf clubs inside their cars for the week. Is...
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    CIC dress reg's

    Hey all. I've searched and found nothing concrete. Been seeing a bunch of CIC officers here at my new post. Great cats looking to help kids. One guy a captain in army uniform was wearing cadet glider pilot wings. Does anyone have any regulations on this? As well seeing guys wearing St.john...
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    receptionist at base CDU's

    Hi all. Many members of my unit (and friend in other units) have complained about certain recertionist at CDU's being plain rude, and difficult to deal with. I personally I have had no problems as I rarely go to the place. Things like rude comments made to sick members, comments made about...
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    Ordered to take a DDC and give a safety talk to my troops

    Honestly folks I've been brewing over this one for a few months now and decided  Iwould post just as a way to direct anger hopefully in a productive way. During the winter driving out west on military duty my civilian rented DND vehicle hit black ice and I cracked that little black piece off...
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    Soldiers cheaper dead.

    Hey folks. I'm almost certain it was hear I read over the past maybe two years about a member of our government saying soldiers were cheaper dead than injured or words to that effect. I did a search and came up empty handed. Can anyone help me out on that?
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    CFHA St Johns

    Looking around to find answers for a friend IRT if there is still PMQ's in St. Johns. I have found references to them but not much on the site. Aside from the apartments for MUN students is there PMQ's?
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    Books to read for job interview

    I have a civilian friend who is applying for a job at the war museum. Although he is a archaeologist he doesn't have a large understanding of the military. Can anyone suggest some books for the following that could help him along? - Canadian military history, military material culture, and the...
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    Summary trial convictions

    Good evening guys and gals. Quick question for you;  I can't seem to find the answer. The past few times I've been overseas they use to print off the summary trail sentences with names etc for the BG and send it out to us. I was wondering if there is a place this get's published either on DIN...
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    Medical Release ( merged )

    Hey folks. I am currently being "sent away" to a static position of my choice to basically start the process of getting out. While it was once something  I was really trying to avoid; I've decided it is both best for the CF and my family and I. I will be medically released if all goes well with...
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    Six Pers Recce AFV Crews (Split from CCV thread)

    Why do we require 6 man crews to allow 24/7 operations. My past decade we've been doing it with 4.....you mean to tell me we only had to be in the mud OP until 20h00?
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    Plaque restoration

    hey all. In my spare time (after work...as there is none at work!) to keep myself occupied as much as I can I have been fixing up a lot of old plaques,and other historic things that honestly hasnt seen maintance since the 1970's. I have a huge plaque which is brass with some kind of black stuff...
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    homosexual members during deployment/field ex

    Evening forum. I'm actually taking this to the forum because no one seems to be able to give me an answer at my unit. Being 2010 and having a more accepting military I have two openly married homosexual men in my organisation. While it may be smething someone else has dealt with in their...
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    Re: New Operational Service Medal Announced

    The military is the same way. My gunner got an award for an action me and him did in the stan and I got nothing. I have to admit I was/am a little angry but in the end it doesnt change anything but a little resentment towards some officers who lost the paperwork and having tour done and over...
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    Medical OT pay question

    Hi all.  Wont get too much into many details however I was injured in Afghanistan both leg and PTSD. Currently I am under no restrictions and in a "cushy" job where I basically decide what I do for PT; or even if I do.  I don't deploy to the field (which is a weird change!) or do organised...
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    Can not collect pension till 55?

    Hi all I did a search and didnt come up with anything. I'm looking to squash a rumour or provide information to my troops/peers who are under the 25 year plan and not grandfathered under the old IE20. I eveen talked to our clerk in passing and he said that yes it was true a man can join the...