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  1. upandatom


    So in short, I have two Permanent and Severe disabilities. Totalling over 100%. Mental health (x2 personnel) and my CM are coming to the decision,(along with myself) that working is no longer a viable option. I work high stress, management, and hearing is a requirement and I am at 33% hearing...
  2. upandatom

    Over 100%

    Hi- Some background, Ill put the numbers out too. 1. PTSD 65 2. Knees combined 20% 3. Hearing 9% 4. Hip 5% 5. Tinnitus 10% Hearing VRAB entitlement level was just passed putting me at 109% Still in progress- Back Hearing Reassessment Both my back(initial application, running since 2015)...
  3. upandatom

    VAC Error

    Alright So heres the story, In 2016, I was provided with CIA due to one condition, meeting the Severe and Permanent Category. I was granted Grade 3, Due to Time in, etc. Fast forward to 2017/2018, I have another condition, that existed at the same time, however, trying to get into the...
  4. upandatom

    Lost- New PFL,

    Hi, I am trying to understand this new pension for life, To me, it kind of makes no sense. I am at 100%, multiple conditions, hearing, PTSD, Knees, Back and odd enough IT Band..... So I have received a full pay out as of 2017-07-06, So that is 12 months since, I have had some kind of...
  5. upandatom


    So, I will start off here, Medically released, over a year ago. I work a stable job, Difference is that I for medical reasons (Mental and Physical) work from home. My Case Manager who has been pretty kick ass since I switched has now had me apply for it. Being Medically required to work from...
  6. upandatom

    Is the system Broken?

    I have a few issues with VAC, and this is how I find the system is broken. 1. Zero Accountability- If files are lost, taking to long, there is no internal way to have them sped up or answers provided. This includes lost mail etc. - My case in point, PTSD reassess was supposed to start Oct 15...
  7. upandatom

    On 202 Workshop: inefficiencies and underperformance

    Calian for POET was great, most were former military and understood the game. Training wise for Courses I do not mind Calian, most are retired, or Med release members that know and understand the inner workings. I'm not a fan of the Civilian employees like the ones in the 202 DA. Im not a fan...
  8. upandatom


    Ok So heres the deal, In September/October I submitted an application for benefits. It took forever for my medical documents to reach VAC. (Feb 11th) I was told that the 14 week timeline began on that day. Then, I noticed that on myVAC it had changed to be Step 3, (Not knowing what step two...
  9. upandatom

    Commentary "Why No One Should Join the Canadian Forces"

    Came across this article, Some of it I can see as being true. I did not know about the limit of 49 rounds per soldier, but that seems a bit exaggerated. I understand the need to cut back, and save, but when we spend just as much money on our military as Spain? What does that say? As...
  10. upandatom

    Rejecting/moving a release date

    Alright, well I am actually asking this for a friend and trying to help him out; He requested a release, It was approved, and in turn he found and accepted gainful employment, in another province. D MIL C turned around and altered the decision on his release due to the state of the trade. Its a...
  11. upandatom

    Why aren't Civilian Justice and Mil Justice tied together closer

    I have noticed now on several occasions whati will call failures- Sexual Assaults, Attacks, DUIs etc not brought forth to the Civilian Justice system, Mostly when the MPs are involved, even down to the point where a member was told do not bring this forth to a Civilian Police Force(hinting...
  12. upandatom

    How has MES treated you thus far?

    I have been curious, I have spoken to alot of Sigs members about MES. Not the most encouraging words, very little to no positive. Alot of the members I have spoken to havent been the happiest since the whole re org occurred and alot are actually getting out, and releasing. I am still lost as...
  13. upandatom

    CNR(E)/CSB (split from: Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists)

    Learned a bit more about this CNR(E)/CSB Etc. So let me get this straight- A more complex, harder to fault find system, Harder to repair system (2nd Line), Very "finnicky", Harder to program...... Amidst all these changes, This is gonna be a rough go. :facepalm: