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  1. John Nayduk

    UNPROFOR Documentary

    A few years ago my wife and I watched a documentary about our involvement in UNPROFOR.  There was a lot of vets interviewed and they were very candid about the conditions that we served under.  I can't for he life of me remember the nameof the documentary or even who produced it.  Is there...
  2. John Nayduk

    New medal??

    I just found this on the Canada Gazette website, anybody heard of this medal before? http://www.gazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p1/2010/2010-09-25/html/order-decret-eng.html
  3. John Nayduk

    Looking for a photo of Maj Tilson VC

    I'm looking for a photo of Major Fredrick Tilson VC with all medals on.  He was also a Knight of the Order of St John and I'd like to put his picture up in our Headquarters and Training Facility here in Windsor.  If anybody can help out, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanks
  4. John Nayduk


    Here's a question about the Special Service Medal, are we awarding it for the "right" reasons? If you read the criteria for the award http://www.mdn.ca/dhh/honours_awards/chart/engraph/chart_display_e.asp?cat=3&ref=SSM there is different spans of time and duties required for the award of the...
  5. John Nayduk

    Medals and Stars

    I know that this is a hotly debated topic but I would like to keep it in a historical context. I'd like to debate the current SWASM and the GCS and compare these with their historical counter parts. In World War 1, we had the 1914 Star and the 1914-15 Star (which the current General Campaign...
  6. John Nayduk

    2861 RCEME Cadet Corp reunion

    Some of the old guys from the late 70's to the mid 80's are trying to put together a reunion (of course otheres are welcome).  Stay tuned for further into or PM me.
  7. John Nayduk

    Question for the cops

    For the cops in the crowd.  WHen we get on class B or C  inpreparation for deployment, how are your court appearences handled?  Do you return for court or have you worked something out with the crowns?
  8. John Nayduk

    Exploiting reservists' love of their regiments

    Here's a CO with his head on right.  Too bad there isn't more like him.  Well done Calgary Highlanders! Exploiting reservists' love of their regiments   Bob Bergen Special to The Windsor Star Wednesday, June 13, 2007 It seems like such a simple concept, but capitalizing on Canadian...
  9. John Nayduk

    Decision time

    Is there any news with regard to the Territorial Defence Battalions?  It seems to be time for a decision as far as my future in the military and I’d like to make an informed one.  Feel free to PM if you think there is something that shouldn’t be on the public forum. Thanks, ARG
  10. John Nayduk

    WW1 CFA

    A friend of mine is trying to research his great uncle's service in World War 1.  The fellow served in the CFA.  He joined in Toronto, Ontario on October 1st, 1917.  My friend would like to know where to look for information relating to his great uncle's service, the battery he'd have been in...
  11. John Nayduk

    Funny movie

    Looking for something to do, go see the movie Wild Hogs, it's hilarious.
  12. John Nayduk

    Balistic eyewear

    What's the official scope on the use of ballistic eyewear?  I hear that they're only used when ammunition is being used.  Down in my squadron, we have to wear them every time that we're in the field, in vehicles or when weapons are issued, whether there is ammo or not.  Of course we'll do what...
  13. John Nayduk

    What's new from the Corp Conference

    What's the news from the Corp Conference.
  14. John Nayduk

    Afghan bomb injures three Canadian soldiers

    Afghan bomb injures three Canadian soldiers   Private Jon Drew mans a perimeter position at an Afghanistan National Police Sub Station prior to heading out on a foot patrol on the streets of Kandahar City. (image: Canadian Forces) Canadian Press   Updated: Wed. Oct. 5 2005 6:35 AM ET...
  15. John Nayduk

    Firearms range off limits for militia

    Firearms range off limits for militia Department of Defence won't allow soldiers to use ranges operated by city   Roseann Danese Windsor Star Thursday, September 22, 2005 Members of the local militia are being forced to head out of town for firearms training because they can't use their...
  16. John Nayduk

    Two Canadian peacekeepers Injured

    CTV.ca News Staff   Updated: Mon. Aug. 15 2005 11:50 AM ET Two Canadian peacekeepers were reportedly injured in Egypt, near the border with the Gaza Strip, after a blast occurred near a vehicle they were travelling in. The two Canadian soldiers -- serving in the Multinational Force and...
  17. John Nayduk

    Stability Ops Battle Task Standards

    We've been told that new BTS for Stability Ops are on the way.  Has anybody seen or heard of them and are they posted anywhere like the DIN?
  18. John Nayduk

    8 Car RECCE Troop

    Any ideas who will make up the 8th car?  Should the troop leader and the troop warrant make up a patrol or should each have a junior car?  Any thoughts, comments?
  19. John Nayduk

    Medal for Domestic Operation?

    Anybody know anything more about this? http://www.parl.gc.ca/37/3/parlbus/chambus/house/bills/private/c-514/c-514_1/C-514_cover-E.html Sorry just posting the link, it's a long document.
  20. John Nayduk

    Force Protection a good job for the reserves?

    There has been some talk about using the reserves in theater in roles other than individual augmentation.  What is your thoughts on sending sub-units of reserves Regiments to perform tasks like camp protection/security thus leaving the "gun slinging" to the regular force?  Are there any other...