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  1. Doucet3

    Trouble applying at 11th Bat (arty) in Hamilton

    I was just wondering if anybody could give me advice, I've applied a couple times in the past 5 months: the first time I called talk to the recruiter and he said there full and I was on a list (what I'm assuming is for April 1), Then I hotmailed the unit (I'm guessing which went to the HQ in...
  2. Doucet3

    Transfering occupations

    Hi, i was just wondering if I were to join now and be accepted and trained as a Field gunner, in 2-4 years once Mech infantry opens up a little, would it be hard to transfer occupations, seeing as i want to be in mech infantry but its closed for 2 years roughly, I'll join my 2nd choice (arty or...
  3. Doucet3

    Infantry Life

    Hi, im joining the army soon and want to know a couple questions 1) when will it re-open, or is this still unknown, 2) Whats the day to day life and 3) i know that you train with all of your things on like your pack etc, but when out on a combat mission like in the ghan do you lighten your load...
  4. Doucet3

    Field Artillery Life

    Hi, I'm joining to army soon and was wondering a couple things about field artillery, 1) is it in demand ?, whats it's status 2) whats the day to dya life of a soldier (regs) 3) How often are they used in combat ? Thanks
  5. Doucet3

    Little help

    Hi I just have a couple questions/concerns I was hoping someone could inform me about I've wanted to join the army since I was a little one watching black hawk down and saving private Ryan and like alot of newbies I want to join the infantry and "punch a Nazi in the face" (can't remember what...
  6. Doucet3

    BMQ Workouts

    could anyone inform me of the day to day training exercise's for the bmq so i can start doing them ahead of time?, Thanks
  7. Doucet3

    Advice on my situation

    Hi, i kinda need a couple answers and a bit of advice, heres my situation Im joining a co-op for my highschool for the Infantry and am planning to go to the regs after my semester (seems pretty stupid to do the co-op then to the regs, but i wanna get some info and get a bit worked and taught...