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    Sick crimes in Illinois

    I'm with Geo on this one!  Although I think a ditch is too kind.  Maybe a garbage dump/dumpster or something along those lines is more appropriate. Absolutely sickening.
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    Something about Troops groaning....

    Troops ***** and complain, that's just what we do. When we stop, that's when the leadership has to wonder what's wrong. Ya nailed her 2 Cdo.... Well said!
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    SBS Get Their Man

    F'n SWEET!
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    Yes TESS.....I concur
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    Happy Birthday to the Modsey Twins - 01 Sept

    LOL....I can't stop laughing.  V...you're a poet who doesn't know it!  Keep em comming!
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    DS Interview - The Librarian

    Hi ArmyVern.......Very interesting.  Uhm I think I may have gone to school with you.  I know this is not the place to but if could PM you I would love to know if you are who I think you are!   Happy New year! DFW2T
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    Another lesson in being careful about what you say in a public forum

    Care to elaborate??? Maybe fill your profile out and this "PRVATE CONTRACTOR" will respond to your unfounded rant........ Jerk PLEASE!!!! FULL STOP!
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    Another lesson in being careful about what you say in a public forum

    GerryCan...well said and spoken! I personally know the said (ex) Sgt and shared a few Mooseheads with him when he was repatriated..as I was home at that time.     I'm on the fence..so to speak but I agree with you ...lets see what the "hotwash" brings out.  It's only for those who were there...
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    Merged Quotes and Sayings Thread; some useful, some junk

    As we were enemy force for a phase III Inf.  course in G'town, our section was dug in and waiting for the enemy (Ocdts) to advance when we heard the loudest fart we ever heard.  As most of us were trying to staunch our laughter our section commander yelled out ..... "KEEP TALKING SIR...WE'LL...
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    Tracy McDonald, (was 31 CER?)

    Jimbo1..............my apologies.  I should have got back to you sooner.  I forwarded the contact details through a Friend.  I would imagine she's on block leave still.  Good luck and Happy New Year! DFW2T
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    NIS/RCMP make drug bust at Shilo

    WTF are you implying.......who said anything about 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th chances.  It sounds like you are implying that I'm a dopesmoker????  Are you ...please elaborate.   I'm saying that we all know the rules and regs on this topic....he doesn't need to stand on his soapbox and preach to the...
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    NIS/RCMP make drug bust at Shilo

    How noble...... moderaters.do you have an ass kissing smiley thing????
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    The Great Boot Review

    Can't agree more.  I've had a pair for three years (desert pattern) and in my opinion they are woth every cent!
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    Tracy McDonald, (was 31 CER?)

    Yup ....PM me but you best tell me who you are! DFW2T
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    Pet Peeves

    8. And.....the Germans...see no.2 LOL!!!!  My wife is German,.... as German as they come...she read that and totally agrees (I am in Nuremberg as I write this)....Now on to my peeve! My wife  (when she's pXXXed off) and says Nothing wrong...why do you ask!" Cheers to all DFW2T
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    9mm, Too old?

    I can't agree more with the last few posts.  Imagine having the drop imposed on you while carrying your short and long on you,  only to be shot because your weapon is not "good to go"  The Glock 19 is a superb sidearm as so is the Sig P226R  (and my preferred P229) I believe the MPs were...
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    Name The Weapon!!!

    OK ....this one should be easy!
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    Name The Weapon!!!

    PS.....did Waild sell you  that????    Cause it looks (from the the marks on it)  like it used to be mine.  Stay safe Bill
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    Name The Weapon!!!

    LOL!!!!  I'm diggin in my "MY PICTURES" folder of the computer................wait one over!
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    Name The Weapon!!!

    Russian Makarov.......