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  1. bllusc

    Sticky/tacky linings?

    You ought to take it in for exchange. Not your job to repair pouches. Some of this stuff is old.
  2. bllusc

    Wanted Mess Dress

    Break out a tape measure Padre, be specific....inseam measurement, waist measurement, chest measurement, sleeve measurement, your height and weight don't really help.
  3. bllusc

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    CA Service Dress Product Improvement Project, search that title on ACIMS
  4. bllusc

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    SOR is on ACIMS. Other info isn't published but credible.
  5. bllusc

    Updated Army Service Dress project

    A new project is underway to update the Army Service Dress. A new lighter fabric, a new cut, and a new colour. The fabric will be a olive-brown colour reminiscent of pre unification army shade. The new cut will realign the buttons a bit higher (the top button in line with the top of the chest...
  6. bllusc

    New Cadpat

    3 RCR wearing the new prototype cadpat
  7. bllusc

    New Cadpat

    New intermediate cadpat uniform as seen on CAF reddit.
  8. bllusc

    CF moving to Multicam?

    According to the latest published minutes of the National Defence Clothing and Dress Committee (meeting held 2 Dec 2016) and published this February, the CFCWO briefed the committee on a desire from the CDS to potentially move toward a single CADPAT (MultiCam) vice the current temperate and arid...
  9. bllusc

    New PRes LOG O Training Requirements

    BCT 1 Log is a distance learning course administered out of Borden. BCT 2 is an in house course at Borden that last a couple weeks. That should get you qualified for Lieutenant. Good luck and enjoy the courses. I enjoyed mine. Brian
  10. bllusc

    Logistics DEU buttons, collar dogs, shoulder titles

    Thanks Puck Chaser, I had my mess kit at Andrei the tailors and they couldn't locate any buttons at any of the kit shops so I will wait out. Its frustrating they closed the kit shop at Borden.
  11. bllusc

    Logistics DEU buttons, collar dogs, shoulder titles

    Thank you all for your responses. Looks like I will wait out for the new tunic I am getting this summer and see what comes with it.
  12. bllusc

    Logistics DEU buttons, collar dogs, shoulder titles

    I cannot seem to locate anywhere that has Log DEU buttons or collar dogs. The shoulder titles I have snap in half when I try to push them through the shoulder straps of my tunic. Due to their scarcity, is there a plan afoot to change these items amidst the greater change of rank, Corps, etc? I...
  13. bllusc

    Lee Enfield No.1 Mk 3 and Webley Mk VI revolver

    Ok thanks for the info. Interesting about the blue gun webley, I have used the sigs and C7s in training but never knew they made that! Brian
  14. bllusc

    Lee Enfield No.1 Mk 3 and Webley Mk VI revolver

    Does anyone have a line on some WW1 era Lee Enfields and a deactivated (or live) Webley Mark VI revolver for a WW1 Military Riding group? I can't seem to find any sources on the net and need some advice. Thanks, Brian
  15. bllusc


    Military Heritage has just released a new 1897 Infantry pattern sword at a reasonable price.
  16. bllusc

    Man threatens to detonate bomb on Ont. highway

    I am a Sgt with the Aurora OPP Detachment where this occurred. I did not attend the call as I came in for dayshift the next day. The man in question threatened to blow himself up and when the York Regional Police tactical squad broke his window with an Arwen round to get him, he got mad at them...
  17. bllusc

    Weapon allowed on plane

    How about the top notch airport security protecting us and our loves ones being paid by the lowest bidder at minimum wage? Organized crime gets things onto planes all the time...human security is still only human and things are going to slip past. My father in law was a commercial airline...
  18. bllusc

    The Rocket Scientists Amongst Us.

    I have seen prisoners do remarkable things to avoid a breath test, sucking a penny is one, somewhere, somehow, someone got it into their head that copper in the mouth will negate a breath test. Same as vigorous exercise. Seeing a drunk madly doing pushups in the cell prior to his test is...
  19. bllusc

    Crye Precision

    I spoke to them over the phone earlier this month. They will not ship to foreign addresses and that includes Canada. Best thing to do is have a buddy in the US order the item on his credit card. That is if the kit is in stock! Brian Luscombe
  20. bllusc

    OPP Regular/Auxiliary Ranks

    Sorry for my tardy reply, just got back from Mississippi! Medtech, Aux OPP officers are not issued any sidearm but are allowed to draw a long gun when on patrol. Thats not to say they walk around with one, but can grab it if they need to from the trunk etc. Cheers, Brian Luscombe